Sony ericsson bravia tv mobile phone

Yes i know this is an old phone but many people dont even know it existed. The sony bravias are known for their incredible sharp picture and great flat design. The bravia phone is far form all this. Its a pretty lose attempt at creating a phone from the bravia engine.

Sony Ericsson Bravia SO903iTV Mobile Phone

Sony Ericsson Bravia SO903iTV mobile phone

Key features of the bravia mobile phone

  • a sharp 3 inch widescreen LCD display
  • powered by the mobile Bravia engine
  • resolution is 240×432
  • black acrylic border
  • 16:9 wide screen aspect ratio
  • record live television directly onto a Micro SD card
  • Micro SD slot
  • 2mpx camera
  • GPS
  • support for cashless payment felica
  • 111x50x19.5
  • 130 Grams

The SO903iTV was created by both Sony and Sony Ericsson.

They have goe for the Micro Sd, usually they use the m2 (Memory Stick Micro). Its a real shame sony ericsson has ruined the sharp screen by only giving it a 2mpx camera rather then atleast a 3mpx

The Ericsson Bravia will be available in white, black and red. Shame its only for japan but hey theres always Ebay : )


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